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Hospital Elevators

Product Description

Hospital elevators are vertical transportation equipped with specific requirements used in medical purpose. They are quite spacious to carry big stretchers and people along. These lifts are equipped with advanced inverter technology and low noise module for stable running of the lift. With the lowest waiting time it helps and saves time for emergency cases.

The capacity of hospital elevators are from 13 to 40 persons. The size of elevators starts from 3’ X 7’ and increases according to the need of hospitals. These lifts are designed to serve every floors with specialized cabin walls to keep then clean, hygienic and fumigated.

Hospital Elevator

Product Details

Load/Capacity 2000kg to 3500kg
Speed 0.5 – 1.6 m/s
Maximum Floors Any number of floors
Clear Door Opening From 1300mm to 1500mm
Car Dimensions 1800mm wide x 2700mm deep
Drive System Traction (Hydraulic available)
Controller Modern, low energy microprocessor
Door type Automatic side/centre Opening
Door Height 2000mm – 2300mm
Internal car Height 2300mm high (clear sizes) standard

Product Features

  • Smooth & jerk less start and stop
  • Economical
  • Low power consumption
  • Long Life superior in performance
  • Reliable & Extra Safety Features
  • Geared Traction Machine,Gearless Machine
  • Control Panel & Regenerative Drive
  • Auto Rescue System,Overload Indicator & Modern Fittings