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Dumbwaiter Elevator

Product Description

These are the small sized freight elevators. They usually carry objects rather than people. Dumbwaiter elevators are generally installed in commercial, public and private buildings and is connected to multiple floors. These elevators usually saves man power and time to carry heavy objects from floor to floor. Dumbwaiter elevator can carry weights from 45 to 450 kg making it ideal for carrying weights.

They work on motors and automatic control systems making them much sophisticated lift system. To install the dumbwaiter lifts in your multistory complexes and apartments partner with Libra elevators group to make the moving smooth and easy. Dumbwaiter is the ideal partner for lifting lightweight goods such as clothes, food, papers and other items. An excellent choice for both commercial and residential usage, the Dumbwaiter offers convenience and style to restaurants, cafés, shops, warehouses, offices, hotels, houses, flats and other property types.

Dumbwaiter Elevators

Product Details

Model Dumbwaiter
Rated Load (Kg) 24-300 (Kg)
Max Number of Stops 12
Max Speed (m/s) 0, 17 - 0, 60
Min Pit Depth (mm) 600
Min Headroom (mm) 1600

Product Features

  • Stainless Steel
  • Lift ChainTraction Machine
  • Nominal Speed
  • Low Maintenance
  • Loading capacity platform size
  • low manual handling hazard